100W solar street lamp effective installation and construction method

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Solar street light accessories:

Solar panels, LED heads (integrated controller and lithium battery), ferrule brackets, street light poles, ground cages, screws.

Installation steps for the Rising Sun Solar Street Light:

1. Pouring the foundation

1. Establish the installation position of the street lamp: According to the construction drawings and the geological conditions of the survey site, determine the installation position of the street lamp with the street lamp spacing 20-60 meters as the reference value in the place where there is no sunshade at the top of the street lamp. Otherwise, the street lamp installation position should be properly adjusted.

2. Digging the foundation pit: In the fixed installation position of the street lamp, excavate the foundation pit of the street lamp according to the height and width of the cage. The foundation pit should be slightly wider than the width of the cage. If the surface soil is soft, then the depth of the excavation will be deepened, and other facilities (such as cables, pipes, etc.) at the excavation location will be identified and protected.

3. Pour the street lamp base cage: In the excavation foundation pit, place the cage in the pit and keep the screw of the cage out of the ground plane. The embedded parts are then fixed by concrete. Stirring and symmetry during the pouring process to ensure the compactness and firmness of the entire embedded part.

4. Clean the residue on the positioning plate in time, and wait until the concrete is completely solidified (about 7-10 days, 4-5 days if the weather is good) before installing the solar street light.

  • Solar Lamp

2. Installation of solar street light components

Street lamp installation site

1. Insert the wire of the LED lamp cap from the center of the top end of the lamp arm, and wear it out from the top of the lamp post, and then fix the LED lamp cap to the lamp arm with screws.

2. Fix the solar panel to the ferrule bracket with screws. After adjusting the illumination angle, fix the ferrule bracket to the top of the pole.

3. Connect the wires of the LED lamp head to the positive and negative lines of the solar panel.

At this point, the solar street light assembly is installed.

Solar Lamp

3. Install the solar street light on the ground base cage

1. Clean up the residue on the foundation

2. Together, set up the solar street light and install the flange to the screw of the cage. If conditions permit, it is recommended to use a crane as much as possible. Fix the street light to the cage screw with screws.

At this point, the Rising Sun Solar Street Lights were all installed.