How to effectively select high-quality solar landscape lamps? Solar landscape lights manufacturers tell you.

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        With the development of the times and the increasing demand for quality of life, the popularity of solar landscape lamps has become wider and wider. Due to the maturity of technology, energy-saving intelligence, and stable control technology, simple and safe installation and maintenance methods have been recognized and accepted by the public. However, while the solar landscape garden lights bring benefits to people, the lighting also brings various problems such as short lighting time, low illumination brightness, and short life of individual components.

solar landscape lamps

        So how do we effectively select high-quality solar landscape lamps? What methods should be used in this process to effectively avoid these problems?

        First of all, there are many solar landscape lighting products on the market, and there are many manufacturers. As a result, the competitiveness of the market continues to increase, and many manufacturers have made a foothold in this competition and retained more customers. The price war. Although they meet the price needs of customers, they do not provide the quality assurance that customers need.

        Secondly, to save costs, some manufacturers can only make a fuss about the accessories of solar landscape lamps. Many manufacturers will purchase materials from some informal manufacturers, and the power of the panel will be reduced a lot, resulting in insufficient solar panel power generation, resulting in the solar landscape lights not working properly. They also took measures to reduce the battery capacity, to reduce costs, unfairly profit; so some landscape lamp accessories use non-standard, so although the cost is relatively low, but the streetlamp has the highest failure rate.

solar landscape lamps

        Finally, there are many manufacturers of light sources on the market, but the number of manufacturers whose quality is critical is not much. Some manufacturers often use low-cost methods to sell them. Products may fail or even be damaged in a short period, which has a great negative impact on the application of solar landscape lights. Most suppliers use inferior steel, the wall thickness of the pipe is greatly reduced, and the surface is cold-galvanized, resulting in poor wind resistance, poor surface treatment, and shortage of plastic layers. After using these low-end products for some time, the configuration damage does not work properly, and the brightness continues to drop until the dead light.

        Therefore, when choosing solar landscape lamps, we must choose a big brand and manufacturing process as well as a company with better after-sales. In this case, we can calculate the problem and make up for it later. Ensure that our normal lighting needs are not affected too much.