Brief description of the method of installing solar garden light fixtures without effective illumination

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The solar garden lights are widely sought after by the market for its energy-saving, environmentally friendly design, and strong artistic sense. With the development of science and technology and the deepening of research, solar gardens will be better integrated into our daily lives and solve the pollution problem of fossil energy.

solar garden lights

    Nowadays, solar garden light fixtures have become a necessity in daily life. However, solar garden light is composed of multiple components. When many users first install it, there will always be installation errors, resulting in no effective lighting after the solar garden light is installed. And the quality of solar garden lights on the market is uneven, and the quality of some solar garden lights is not enough, which will cause this to happen. So if we encounter this situation, try the following ways.

    1. Check the connection of various components of the solar garden light fixture. Whether the wires are in good contact with solar street light controllers, solar batteries, LED light sources and other components. Is the positive and negative wiring of each component correct?

    Second, if you are using a gel battery, you can see the flashing status of the solar garden light controller, judge the state of the solar system according to the flashing status of the controller, and judge whether the components of the solar garden light are normal, and then replace the corresponding solar garden light accessories. can.

    Third, if it is a solar lithium battery, we must first check the connection of various components. If the connection is correct and the contact is good, and the solar garden light is still not lit, we should consider whether the solar battery is inactive and Undervoltage. If it is in the inactive and Undervoltage state, we need to connect the solar panel to the battery when it is sunny, then disconnect the solar panel from the solar lithium battery, and then connect the LED light source to the battery. If it lights up, it indicates The lithium battery has been reactivated. If it still does not light up, you need to consider whether the solar lithium battery itself has failed.

solar garden lights

    In general, it is quite normal for solar garden light products to have various problems. Therefore, as consumers, we should be familiar with and understand the details and related knowledge. Only in this way can we effectively reduce various unexpected problems and protect ourselves and our rights.