Briefly describe the factors that affect the service life of solar street lights.

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Solar street lights are the more common solar products in our daily lives. There are many types, one-piece, and split, and the application scenarios are various. As the application progresses, there are more and more problems in the product, especially the problem of the service life of solar street lamps that are frequently discussed recently and the factors that affect the service life.

Solar street lights

The overall service life of solar street lights are generally very long, but they will inevitably encounter street lamp failure during use. Then, what factors are affecting the overall service life of solar street lights? Let me introduce them to you.

The first is the light pole: it is the main part supporting the solar street light. It is made of high-quality steel plate. It is hot-dip galvanized and spray-coated, so the whole pole is durable and can be used for 25 years under normal conditions.

Followed by solar panels: its main role is photoelectric conversion, its long service life, solar panels are generally made of monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon, single-crystal silicon than polycrystalline silicon light conversion efficiency is much higher. Now the overall technology of solar street lights has been improved, and its life expectancy is generally around 25 years.

The third is the battery: There are two kinds of batteries commonly used in solar street lights on the market. One is a lead-acid gel battery, and the other is a lithium battery. The lead-acid gel battery has a low service life of fewer than 5 years and is generally required for 3 years. Replaced, and lithium battery as a substitute for lead-acid gel batteries for more than a decade, the number of years of use is longer, generally around 8 years.

The fourth is the LED lamp bead: the LED lamp bead has a much longer service life than the traditional lamp of the previous street lamp and can reach 50,000 hours or so. Generally, its quality does not need to be worried.

The fifth is the lamp holder: the lamp head is made of high-quality materials, including stainless steel, die-cast aluminum, and aluminum plate. These materials have a long service life, generally around 20 years.

Finally, the controller: the core component of the solar street light, which is typically used between 15 and 20 years.

Solar street lights

In general, the factors affecting the service life of solar street lamps are generally the above points, the most important of which are solar panels and batteries. Therefore, when selecting solar energy products, pay more attention to solar panels and batteries. Only in this way can the solar street lights be effectively reduced and their service life guaranteed.