[Green craftsman] Common faults and solutions for solar garden lights.

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The solar garden light is a kind of solar lamp with rich application and decoration. Its products are various in form, unique in design and novel, and are widely favored by the market. As time goes on, there are various failures in life.

solar garden light

What are the reasons for the failure of solar garden lights, specifically because of what caused it? Is there any way to reduce or even avoid it? Here, the [green craftsman] solar lighting manufacturer gives you a brief talk about the causes and solutions of solar light failure.

The reasons for the failure of solar lights are as follows:

The first is the short battery life of solar garden lights.

The batteries currently used for solar garden lights are mainly lead-acid batteries. In addition to the ambient temperature, there are two important indicators: overcharging and over-discharging. In solar light systems, there is not much time to overcharge and it is easy to control. From an annual average, charging is often inadequate. The over-discharge voltage of each brand battery specification is the same, but the full-charge and full-discharge settings have a lower discharge rate. The discharge rate of a solar street lamp system is generally around 0.025, just like this small current discharge rate. When the battery is charged in a sunny environment, such as winter or continuous rainy days, the battery will be exhausted, severe irreversible damage, and greatly shorten the battery life.

Secondly, the light source of the solar garden light is damaged.

In practical applications and applications, the main sources of solar garden lights are LEDs, DC energy-saving lamps and electrodeless lamps. The light source of the solar lamp is suitable for high illumination roads due to its high luminous efficiency; the LED light source is an ideal solar garden lamp, but the problem of light decay should be solved.

solar garden light

Method for reducing and avoiding solar garden light failure

At present, most of the solar garden lights are DC energy-saving lamps, and the cost is low. Medium and low lights and garden lights on non-main roads are very good light sources. Improve the battery's over-discharge voltage value, can effectively protect the battery, the service life can reach 5 years or so. In the solar garden light system, it is suitable for individual components. Why are there so many problems with the products assembled from these qualified parts? This is an overall system engineering issue. Each component must be compatible with each other. Different light sources have different conditions of use and different technical requirements. The implementation of all functions of the solar lighting system is controlled by the controller and will continue to occur when it does not match other components.

In general, with the advancement of technology and the further expansion of specific applications, the common faults of solar garden lights will become less and less, and it will be easier to solve. Believing in human wisdom is the most useful way to solve problems.