What are the environments for installing solar street lights?

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Solar street light is an important form of modern clean energy utilization. It is widely used in daily life. Its various forms, novel design, high safety, simple and convenient installation have become an indispensable part of our lives. So, what are the solar street lighting installation environments?

Solar street light

Many friends are not sure whether the local area is suitable for solar street lights. So how do we judge the environment to be suitable for installing solar street lights?

Solar street lights are the best green product to replace traditional street lights. From the choice of solar luminaires, it uses LED light sources that do not contain lead 0.71775 mercury and other polluting elements and consume less energy than other common light sources. In the power generation mode, power generation illumination is achieved by solar radiation, and the solar energy source is clean, and no greenhouse gas is generated during the power generation process. The energy storage device uses a lithium battery and does not produce harmful heavy metals and substances. In general, solar street lights are truly environmentally friendly.

Let’s talk specifically about the subjective and objective environment needed to install solar street lights:

1. The length of sunshine and the number of sunny days throughout the year

Solar street lamps require sunlight to effectively use clean energy. Only in sunny and stable areas can we use natural resources more effectively and efficiently to serve human production and life.

2. The required lighting area is the area where there is no fixed power supply.

Solar street lights have an independent power generation system. The advantage is that electricity can be generated in places with sunlight. If one of the lights fails to turn off the lights, other street lights can still be lit normally. In some remote areas, LED street lights cannot be installed due to lack of power supply conditions or unstable power supplies. In this case, solar street lights are the best choice and can be installed without laying cables.

Solar street light

3. How high is the lighting brightness level requirement?

Sometimes the light is just a tool for creating an atmosphere, and light can make people feel good. Sometimes, solar street lights are used for road lighting, which is convenient for pedestrians and drivers and does not need to be too bright. Sometimes street lights should be taken care of by people under the lights and must be bright. Solar street lights have low power consumption, high brightness, and can meet lighting requirements under the premise of energy saving. Different powers can be selected according to engineering requirements and actual conditions. In addition to the usual cool white light and warm light, the colour of the light is also optional.

The installation environment for looking at solar street lights is very demanding. Compared with other ways of using cleanliness, solar street lights have been relatively low, which is also an important reason for the large-scale application of solar energy. It is believed that with the continuous accumulation of technology and breakthroughs and the accumulation of experience, the installation environment requirements for solar street lamps will continue to decrease.