Five points tell you the importance of the controller for all in one solar light

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The all in one solar light is the most basic form of solar light. It combines all the parts, so it is very convenient to transport and install and is welcomed by the majority of users. So how many people know the role of the controller for all in one solar light?

We all know that the interior of the solar street light is equipped with a controller, but I believe many people do not know why the solar street light must be equipped with a controller. The all in one solar street lights without a controller is not acceptable, because the controller can play a big role.

all in one solar light

1, boosting effect

The controller of the all in one solar street lamp also has the function of boosting, that is, when the controller does not detect the voltage output, the controller of the integrated solar lamp controls the output voltage from the output terminal. If the voltage of the battery is 24V but does not reach the 36V required for normal lighting, the controller will raise the voltage and allow the battery to reach the level that can be lit. This function must be achieved by the solar street light controller.

2, voltage regulation

When the solar energy hits the solar panel, the solar panel charges the battery, and the voltage at this time is very unstable. If it is directly charged, it is possible to reduce the battery life and may even damage the battery.

The controller of the all in one solar light has a voltage regulation function and can perform constant voltage limiting on the voltage of the input battery. When the battery is fully charged, a small amount of current can be charged or not charged.

3, the adjustment of output power

In the application of all in one solar light, the power is regulated. Adjusting the power can control the brightness of the LED light. For example, the street light is adjusted to 30W in the early morning and 15W energy saving in the middle of the night. This locks the current to meet the lighting needs at night and also saves the overall configuration and budget of the battery and solar panel. Greatly and effectively extend the life of LED lights.

4, guarantee current constant current output

Since the LED itself shows off through constant flow or current limiting by technical means, it will not work properly. The general LED lamp is usually powered by a driving power supply for the constant current of the LED. However, this requires power loss, which is more power-consuming than the independent drive power supply, so this method is not desirable.

5, control output period

The controller of the all in one solar light can be set for some time, and the output current starts to work when the set period is reached.

all in one solar light

Let's talk about the technical features of the all in one solar light controller:

1. Correct the voltage in the discharge according to the battery discharge rate characteristic curve.

2, with overcharge, over-discharge, overload, anti-reverse lamp protection.

3. The series PWM charging the main circuit is adopted, and the voltage loss is 1/4 of the diode charging circuit, which greatly reduces the heat generation of the FET; the adaptive direct charging, equal charging, and floating charging three-stage charging are adopted. The battery is charged to extend the battery life; at the same time, it has high-precision temperature compensation.

4. Use eight LEDs to indicate the current controller's working status and battery power, so that users can understand the user more easily.

5. All electronic devices use industrial-grade chips, which can be used in cold, high temperature and humid environments. Use single-chip microcomputer + crystal timing control.

6, using the memory to record each work control point and parameter settings, eliminating the problem of low reliability caused by mechanical potentiometers.

7. When setting, use LED to display parameters and parameter values, and complete all settings with double button operation, which is extremely convenient and intuitive to use.

8, with dual load output, and each channel can be set for light control + delay, the delay time of each channel can be modified.

The controller of the all in one solar light is very important for maintaining the use of solar street lamps and effective work. It is not urgent to adjust the voltage status of the solar panels, adjust the service life of the voltage maintenance equipment in time, and ensure the safety and normality of the equipment. The use of services to serve our daily lives.