What are the differences between outdoor solar street light and traditional street light? The following four points tell you.

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Outdoor solar street light are a kind of solar lights. Solar panels are converted into electric energy by absorbing sunlight and then converted into light energy to serve our daily life. The widespread use of outdoor solar street lights effectively relieves the pressure on the country's economic development and the electricity required for national life production and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Outdoor solar lights come in a variety of forms, including solar street lights and solar garden lights. So what is the difference between the two, we will give you a simple comparison from the following aspects?

Outdoor solar street light

First: the source of the light source is different. The most basic difference between traditional street lights and outdoor solar street lights is the source of the light source. We can distinguish them from the names of the two. The former's light source is derived from the power delivered by conventional wires. The latter is derived from solar energy. Obviously, in the event of a power or wire failure, traditional street lights will be "blind". Outdoor solar street lights are not affected by this, and outdoor solar street lights provide illumination by absorbing solar energy through a built-in system to convert to the final desired light source.

Second: the cost of electricity is different. This point is actually a comparison of economic costs. It is listed separately to highlight the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection of outdoor solar street lights. Solar street lamps do not need to use the power transmitted by traditional cables. Naturally, there is no problem with power consumption. Directly, it saves electricity bills. Because most of these power sources are currently derived from traditional energy consumption, they save those non-renewable. Energy resources. Obviously, the popularity of solar street lights has contributed to the realization of environmental protection and energy conservation goals.

outdoor solar light

Again: security is different. We know that the power of traditional street lamps comes from wire and cable transmission, while the traditional utility power is high-voltage alternating current. The power used by outdoor solar street lights is a low voltage direct current. It has been proved by scientific experiments that the damage of AC to the human body is greater than that of DC. When people are exposed to direct current, even if they reach 250 mA, they will not cause special damage. If they contact 50HZ alternating current for several tens of seconds, they may cause cardiac ventricular fibrillation. Some accidents caused by electric poles are related to this.

Finally; post-maintenance is different. Traditional street lighting lines are complex and require frequent maintenance. As age increases, the ageing of the line is also inevitable, and the resulting maintenance costs are also increasing. Outdoor solar street lights have no such concerns. This greatly reduces the labour costs in the later period.

The above is a simple comparison of outdoor solar street lights and traditional street lights, hoping to help everyone, and outdoor solar street lights are also different, especially in the market, there are so many manufacturers, their performance parameters and prices and life cycle have Different, we need to continue to understand. It is believed that the continuous development and application of outdoor solar street lights is an inevitable trend. Of course, as technology continues to advance, its use and understanding of it will become easier. In the future, I will plant light with you to let the sunshine in the dark.