Four ways to teach you to buy integrated solar street light

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Nowadays, the development and utilization of solar energy have begun on a large scale. In the field of the solar street light, all in one solar lights are more and more popular among consumers because of their compact structure, convenient installation and convenient use. Various styles and various configurations are available.There are so many cluttered eyes, how should we choose an integrated solar street light that is suitable for our own use? What issues need to be paid attention to during the purchase? 

The following factors must be determined at the time of purchase:

First of all, to observe the installation position, whether it is fixed on the wall or fixed on the pole, this determines the structure of the integrated solar light, the flange structure should be used to fix the wall, and the hoop structure should be used on the pole.

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Secondly, according to the required irradiation area to determine the power of the solar light, because the current solar street lights are led light source, many people do not understand its brightness, but can roughly understand the one-watt led far more than ten watts of fluorescent lamps, are energy-saving lamps Double the brightness.

Again, the size of the solar panel and the solar battery are determined according to the lighting power of the solar lamp. This calculation is complicated, but the manufacturer can be required to give a calculation configuration, and the general high school graduates can also perform the calculation.

Finally, it depends on whether the installation location is good lighting, whether the sun exposure time is sufficient, no sunlight can not generate electricity, and the environment that covers the sun is also seriously affecting the efficiency of the solar system. Solar lights cannot be installed.

According to the above requirements for selecting solar lights, we should pay attention to the following points when purchasing:

First, the actual working efficiency of solar lights, the power of solar lights and the actual working power are not the same, 100 watts of lights can be adjusted to one watt or even lower, this should pay special attention to

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Second, pay attention to the actual capacity of solar panels and batteries. For example, a 12-volt system for solar panels is twice as efficient as a 6-volt system.

Third, it is a general problem that should be paid attention to when choosing solar street lights.

Of course, regarding the purchase of solar energy, each person's needs are different, and the points of concern are different. You should determine the problems you should pay attention to when purchasing according to your own purchasing needs.