Solar street light ushered in great development, and "one-shot multi-purpose" will be the trend of the times.

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Street lighting is an indispensable part of urban infrastructure construction. Its functions in the city determine its dense layout, wide coverage and strong regularity, and there are congenital advantages of electricity. The streetlight "network" is the carrier of the current rare "smart city" application facilities. Thanks to the promotion of 5G, artificial intelligence and IoT technology, the current solar street light is also moving towards the intelligent direction and become one of the driving forces of smart cities.

solar street light

Urban informatization promotes the rapid development of intelligent street lamps: At present, there are more than 500 smart cities in China, which are in full swing. This new form of the informationized city formed under the support of IoT information technology has gradually been incorporated into the development of domestic and foreign cities. Major strategy. As we all know, the construction of smart cities requires a large number of sensing devices to collect information resources that the city is constantly breeding. As the main body of future urban lighting, solar street lamps are densely distributed and widely distributed in urban roads and streets. All the events that occurred in the “visual” city quickly became the collection portal of intelligent city information resources and became the Internet of Everything. The port also allows the construction of smart cities to be stable.

Under the intensive construction of smart cities, the Chinese government and many local governments have included smart streetlight projects in the construction of “multi-pole integration”. This “multi-pole integration” means that smart street lamps gradually have remote access. Lighting control, fault active alarm, lighting cable anti-theft, remote meter reading and other functions, become smart city information collection terminal and convenience service terminal.

"One-shot multi-purpose" trend, intelligent street lights ushered in a new world: In recent years, the social level to integrate basic resources to promote the construction of smart cities, "one-shot multi-purpose" has become the trend of the times. Light poles, monitor poles, signal poles and other poles are indispensable infrastructure for the city. As the main carrier of smart city construction, smart street lamp integrates 5G wireless broadband network, Internet of things, video security and underground pipe network construction, and integrates data collection, analysis and release functions, which will effectively integrate resources and improve economic and social benefits. Advancing the “one-shot multi-purpose” pilot will help promote the co-construction and sharing of communication infrastructure, thereby contributing to the construction of new smart cities.

solar street light

The promotion of “one-shot multi-purpose” brings broad development prospects for the development of smart street lamps. As the closest infrastructure in a smart city, the process of replacing traditional streetlights with smart streetlights is faster than we think. With the country's emphasis on the construction of smart cities, the development of the smart street lamp industry will surely usher in another new world.