What are the prices of solar street light?

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As a renewable energy source that can be applied in a large area in the future, solar energy is increasingly favoured by people, especially in the field of street lighting for daily life.

There are many manufacturers of solar street light, and the prices are also diverse. Many solar street lamps with the same specifications have high and low prices. So when we encounter the price when buying solar street lamps, how can we compare and determine the quality of solar street lamps? What are the pros and cons? Let me discuss with you what to compare.

Contrast 1: Solar panels for solar street lights

The price of solar panels seems to be relatively low in the past six months, and there are many options to choose from. It's not cheap to map, because many of the ultra-low-cost panels on the market are made with inefficient tablets and chips.

Contrast 2: It depends on what kind of lamp head to use.

The price of different grades will vary greatly. Generally, LED lights are used, but the difference is bad, the light decay is serious, and it will not be long before it is darker. Therefore, it is not cheap to have the solar street lamp head at that time, and its performance can also be determined that there is no good price for the solar street lamp.

Comparison 3: Look at the solar street light battery

The price is slightly fluctuating, and the maintenance cost after the quality is good or bad. It is also a big sum of money for the old battery in the project. Therefore, the battery of the solar street lamp is a problem that cannot be ignored.

Contrast 4: Look at the height selection of solar street light poles

5 meters - 12 meters or even higher; there are inner and outer diameters to determine the wall thickness, flange; whether it is hot-dip galvanized spray paint; the material used also determines the price.

Contrast 5: It depends on the solar street lamp controller, there are not many controllers at present, although the position of the controller in the whole system is quite a core (if the controller is not closed, the efficiency is not said, it is possible to burn the battery Bad, it is also possible to affect the battery and is more likely to damage the load).

The above is the price comparison of the price of the solar street lamp I provided. Of course, this is just a simple comparison. There are many details in the middle, such as the lighting time parameter, etc.

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