System introduction solar garden light knowledge

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Solar garden light are a kind of lamps that we often see in our daily life. Now with the continuous development of technology, especially the development and utilization of new energy, the use of solar garden lights is constantly improving. The combination of solar garden light system is what we see. More often, in this system combination, there are often problems.

First, solar garden light sensor

solar garden light

Solar garden lights require a light-controlled switch. Designers often use a photoresistor to automatically turn the light on and off. In fact, the solar cell itself is an excellent photosensitive sensor, which is used as a photosensitive switch, and its characteristics are better than those of a photoresistor. The solar cell module is composed of four solar cells connected in series, the voltage is low, the voltage under low light is lower, and the black voltage is less than 0.7V, causing the light control switch to malfunction. In this case, the problem can be solved by adding a transistor directly coupled to the amplification.

Second, how can solar garden lights reduce costs

Solar garden lights tend to have high maintenance time for continuous rain, which increases system cost. We reduce the number of LED accesses when the continuous rainy battery voltage is reduced, or reduce the daily illumination time of the solar lawn light, which can reduce system cost.

Finally, solar garden light battery package

solar garden light

At present, there are two main types of solar cell packaging, lamination and dispensing. The lamination process can guarantee the working life of the solar cell for more than 25 years. Although the epoxy is beautiful at the time, the working life of the solar cell is only 1-2 years. Therefore, the low-power solar lawn lamp below 1W can be used in the form of epoxy dispensing without the requirement of high life. For the solar garden lamp with the specified service life, it is recommended to use the laminated package.

In the solar garden light system combination, there are some other problems, such as the problem of flashing lights, and the switching speed of the three-color base color energy-saving lamps, etc., all of which need to be carefully set when combined. The combination method is good, set up, not only can extend the use time of the equipment, but also reduce the cost.