What should be done with the failure of the three major solar street light?

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Solar street light believe that everyone is already familiar with it because it has the characteristics of high brightness, low energy consumption and long life, so now it is slowly occupying the street lighting market. Many people are willing to buy solar street light because solar street lights are really advantageous! We also hope to use solar street light for a long time, but no matter what kind of streetlights, there will be some problems. What are the common problems with solar roads, and how should we solve them? Let’s take a look at them:

1. The problem of dimming the brightness of solar street lights

I believe that anyone who sees the headlights of solar street lights knows that the lamp heads are usually composed of lamp beads. The lamp beads are a string of strings. If one of the lamp beads in the string is burned, the other beads of the string will not light up. If the whole string of beads is burned, the entire lamp will not light up.

The burnt lamp beads are visible in appearance, and the darkening of the light may also result in individual lamp beads being burned. Of course, if a lamp bead is burned on each string of lamps, consider whether it is a capacitor or a resistor.

Solar street light

2, the problem of solar street light is not bright

The problem that solar street light is not bright is really very embarrassing. How should we solve this problem? First of all, we must first check the circuit, because many times the solar street light is not bright, it may be a circuit failure. If there is no problem with the circuit after checking, it should be a problem with the drive.

The driver controls the current and voltage. If the current, voltage is too large or too small, the street lamp will not be able to light up normally. If it is detected that the driver is a problem, you need to purchase a new driver to replace it.

Solar street light

3, the problem of flashing after the solar street light turns off the light

After the solar street light is turned off and the lamp head is still flashing, the first thing we should consider is the line problem. It may be that the zero lines of the switch control have a problem. If this is the case, we must deal with it in time to avoid danger.

If no problems are found after the circuit is checked, it is most likely the self-inductive current generated by the solar street light itself. To solve this problem, we have to buy a relay, the coil and the electric light in series, you can solve this problem.

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Of course, with the development of technology, these problems will continue to be solved, I believe that in the future.