How to look at the prospects of solar street light?

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The emerging energy source of solar energy is a topic we often talk about, and it is very suitable for the requirements of modern environmental protection. If the solar street light can be widely used, it is very helpful to alleviate the current deteriorating natural environment.

If you are still hesitating about the stability of solar street lights and solar power? Then, it is best to go to Turuvre, France to see, recently, in the French Tuluvre local unveiling ceremony for a solar road. The road is completely paved with solar panels and is expected to be used by 5 million people. At present, solar street lighting technology is very mature, and attempts to continuously enter the power generation field are also releasing a signal - the solar era may be coming soon.

Measuring the future market for energy depends on its impact on the environment. Solar street lights and photovoltaic power generation are also among the preferred clean energy sources. In recent years, the frequent occurrence of haze weather has seriously affected people's lives and physical health. The society has not yet formed a unified consensus on the causes of haze. For clean energy, the proportion of non-fossil energy is steadily increased, and the dependence on fossil energy is gradually reduced. It may be the only way to improve the atmospheric environment. In 2016, the Central Committee of the Central Economic Work Conference clearly stated that “we must continue to promote the steel and coal industries to resolve excess capacity”. The reform of mixed ownership should take substantial steps in the fields of electricity, oil and natural gas. These extremely elegant words are released. Strong economic signal.

In general. The market for solar street lamps is very promising.

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