Five tips for you to effectively increase the life of solar lamp

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With the development of the economy and the continuous advancement of urbanization, solar lamp are gradually being applied to the construction of new countryside, and market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Solar street lights can be widely used in urban construction, but it has been found that most solar street lights will have various problems soon after installation. Here, let's talk briefly about how to increase the life of solar street light.

First, use high quality solar panels

Collecting the light source and converting the light source into electrical energy is the primary function of the solar panel. The quality of solar panels on the market today is mixed, with some unscrupulous manufacturers using downgraded, inefficient batteries and even paper scraps to make counterfeit products. Therefore, when buying solar panels, you must not mistake the price. Be sure to choose a quality assurance product.

Secondly, the use of good quality lampposts, the support of solar streetlights is mostly supported by it.

The life of the pole depends entirely on the galvanizing used. The good poles are hot dip galvanized and the service life of the poles can be more than 20 years. For cold-galvanized poles, there will be rust spots after 1-2 months, and there is a long-term safety hazard.

Again, the quality of the light directly affects performance.

In the selection of suitable solar lights, in addition to the energy and environmental characteristics of the product itself, the stability and economy of the product should also be considered. In order to increase the service life of solar street lamps, it is necessary to select lamps with reliable quality and thickness. In addition, the light bead is also crucial. It is important to note that do not use the patch, because if the heat dissipation function is not good, the life of the solar street lamp will be greatly reduced.

Fourth, the battery is a powerful backing for solar street lights.

Since the battery is relatively large, the embedding is generally an installation method. This not only provides anti-theft features, but also provides a constant temperature environment for the battery. There are many types of solar street light batteries. Currently used are lead-acid maintenance-free batteries, common lead-acid batteries, gel batteries and alkaline nickel-cadmium batteries.

Finally, the controller is the brain of the solar lighting system

It is responsible for the work of solar panels, lithium batteries and loads, which are the most critical components of solar street lighting systems. The controller has anti-overcharge and over-discharge functions, waterproof, stable current and voltage, ensuring efficient and safe operation of the entire solar lighting system.

With the continuous development of human science and technology, the use of solar street lights will become more and more convenient.

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