Four points tell you how to choose a solar lamp!

2019-05-08 14:39:00

As a new energy source that human beings will use on a large scale, solar energy has the characteristics of safety, no danger, no energy consumption, environmental protection, easy installation, automatic control and maintenance, and has been widely used in road lighting. The configuration of solar lamp is very important, which determines the quality of the entire road lighting. So, what are the precautions for the configuration of solar street lights? Please refer to the following points briefly.

1. Determine the daily sunshine hours of solar street lights for several hours.

2. Determine the nighttime lighting time of solar street lights and the working hours of solar street lights in continuous rainy days.

3. Determine the height of the solar pole, the type of light source and the power according to the local road width and the night people's demand for street lighting.

4. Calculate the solar street light quotation according to the actual configuration of the solar street light. The higher the configuration, the higher the price of the solar street light.

The above is the precautions regarding the configuration of solar street lights. With the continuous advancement of road planning, the continuous development of solar street lighting, only the solar street lighting system configuration according to the actual needs of local people can ensure the quality of road lighting is convenient for people to travel. Of course, as technology development continues to deepen, more intelligent applications will continue to evolve.

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