What is the solar street light market? How to look at the future?

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       As the primary and most effective development field for new energy sources, solar street light and solar energy has attracted the attention of many people. Many countries strongly advocate energy conservation and environmental protection, green water and green mountains, and the use of energy should be more inclined to renewable energy and minimize the use of fossil energy. The development of mankind cannot be built on the basis of sacrificing the environment. This is not allowed by the international community. How to achieve a harmonious and win-win situation between man and nature is a problem we should consider. Actively developing all kinds of clean energy is related to the survival and sustainable development of human beings, but with the deepening of development, technological breakthroughs and technical risks will become larger and larger.

       Many people are still hesitating about the stability of solar street lights and solar power generation? Then, it is best to go to Turuvre, France to see, recently, in the French Tuluvre local unveiling ceremony for a solar road. The road is completely paved with solar panels and is expected to be used by 5 million people. At present, solar street lighting technology is very mature, and attempts to continuously enter the power generation field are also releasing a signal - the solar era may be coming soon. 

       Measuring the future market for an energy depends on its impact on the environment. Solar street lights and photovoltaic power generation are also among the preferred clean energy sources. In recent years, the frequent occurrence of haze weather has seriously affected people's lives and physical health. The society has not yet formed a unified consensus on the causes of haze. For clean energy, the proportion of non-fossil energy is steadily increased, and the dependence on fossil energy is gradually reduced. It may be the only way to improve the atmospheric environment. Of course, the complete replacement of fossil energy by clean energy will not be a one-step process. This is inevitably a gradual process that requires continuous efforts by our servants.