How much is the price of a solar street light

2020-12-15 10:49:39

       The price of solar street lights is mainly related to the configuration of solar energy.

  Solar street light components include: light poles, LED light sources, solar panels, batteries, controllers, wires and basic embedded parts, etc. The height, diameter, wall thickness of the light pole, the size of the light source, solar panels are divided into single crystal and polycrystalline, and batteries are divided into lead batteries and lithium batteries. These configuration requirements will affect the price of solar street lights.

solar street light

  Different configurations, different prices, hundreds of thousands

  The conventional 30-watt 6-meter light poles on the market are available in the park and internal roads at around 1100-1500. depending on the lamp holder configuration; the high-end 30-watt 6-meter pole is designed for 365 days and lights up all night. Imported chips, 3V Around 2300-2600 low-voltage lithium iron phosphate batteries.