What kind of road is more suitable for solar street lights

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       Generally speaking, as long as the sunlight is suitable, solar street lights can be used for lighting. But from an economical and practical point of view and the brightness of road lighting, solar street lights and LED street lights need to be compared to make a better choice.

solar street light

  Solar street lights generally choose low-power led lamp holders for lighting. If a high-power led street light lamp holder is used, the corresponding solar panels and batteries must be configured very high, so the overall price of a solar street light will be very high, and the price is not high. Therefore, solar street lights are more suitable for roads that are not too wide. Generally, roads within two-way four lanes are more suitable for solar street lights.

  Solar street lights do not need to lay additional cables when installing and are especially suitable for road lighting in remote rural areas and mountainous areas where no cables are laid. Choosing solar street lights can save this cost, which is more cost-effective than installing LED street lights.