What maintenance does solar street light need?

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        What maintenance do solar street lights usually do? If solar street lights encounter more extreme temperatures, maintenance staff must immediately carry out reasonable maintenance on solar panels. Otherwise, the power circuit is very easy to suffer from wet and cold damage, which will immediately endanger the service life of the battery and the actual effect of the application. I will give you a detailed introduction to the solar street light manufacturer, the specific content is as follows:

solar street light

  1. Check whether the battery board support frame is loose or broken.

  2. Check whether there are obstructions on the periphery and surface of the battery panel.

  3. Check whether the battery board is damaged, and ensure that it is handled in a timely manner and replaced immediately.

  4. Check whether the electrode connecting wire and grounding wire of the battery plate is in good contact and whether they have fallen off.

  5. Check the gum on the surface of the battery panel and remove it when necessary.

  In general, under the condition of maintenance of solar street lights, if it is on the rural ground, it is best to carry out cleaning up and down in half a year. If it is on the ground in a big city, it needs to be cleaned every three months.