Can solar street lights work normally on rainy days?

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       Solar street light is a very safe and convenient product. Compared with ordinary electricity, solar street light has many advantages. Because the use of solar street lights does not require digging and burying of wires, it saves time and effort, and can also avoid accidents such as leakage and fire. It is also because of the use of solar energy, so solar street lights are energy-saving and environmentally friendly, inexhaustible, and very convenient. However, many people may have such a question, that is, can solar street lights work normally in rainy weather without the sun? In response to this problem, the next editor will introduce to you.

solar street lights

  First of all, because the battery of solar street light has the ability to store electric energy, it can absorb sunlight through the battery panel, and then store the sunlight in the battery. In this way, the solar panel cannot absorb solar energy at night, and the controller will notify the battery to supply solar energy. The ability of solar energy to operate normally on rainy days is also related to the storage capacity of solar batteries. The larger the battery and solar panel, the more energy can be stored.

  Then because there is an intelligent controller in the solar street light, if there are multiple rainy days in the earth, when the solar panel cannot absorb the sunlight, the intelligent controller will reduce the loss of its discharge and ensure that it can spend more cloudy and rainy days. This kind of controller is more convenient and can ensure that the solar street lamp can be used normally on rainy days.

solar street lights

  If it is an area with a lot of rainy days, try to increase the overall configuration a little bit, so as to ensure that the solar street light can complete good operations on multiple rainy days.

  The above questions about whether solar street lights can work normally on rainy days are shared here, because the solar street lights themselves and the electrical system have a waterproof design and have batteries to store energy, and certain rainy days must be considered when designing. Circumstances, so solar street lights can work even on rainy days.