How to adjust the time of solar street lights?

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        Solar street lights illuminate the bright roads for passers-by. They can perceive the coming of darkness to light up, and can also perceive the light to turn off at the beginning of the day, all because the core controller can control the time. So how do street lights adjust the time? In response to this problem, the editor of Century Sunshine Lighting will give you a detailed introduction.

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  The solar street light controller can adjust the lighting start time and the lighting time of the street light according to light control and time control. It is a device for data acquisition and monitoring and control. It has the function of serial communication and data transmission manages the charge and discharge of street lights and can only be controlled from a long distance.

  Street lamp controllers are generally divided into infrared interfaces and dedicated data lines, and the way to adjust the time is different for each.

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  1. infrared interface type

  Infrared interface type controller, as the name implies, transmits control signals through infrared rays, and the street lamp time needs to be adjusted by the manufacturer's specific remote control. We can ask the supplier to provide a solar street lamp controller to adjust the remote control, just follow the instructions to easily adjust the lighting time.

  2. dedicated data line type

  A dedicated data line controller is to connect the solar street light controller with the mobile phone through a special data line. The mobile phone needs to download special software, and set the street lamp lighting time through the software according to the instructions.