How to improve solar street lights

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        Solar street lamps can be seen in many rural streets and lanes.In the construction of new rural areas,LED solar street lamps have gradually replaced traditional street lamps and become the primary choice for rural outdoor lighting.We can't help asking,what advantage determines the dominant position of LED solar street lights.From the following aspects,make a comparison with traditional street lamps.

solar street lights

  1.Installation steps

  LED solar street lights do not need to lay cables.When installing,only a cement base is needed,and then fixed on the flange with screws,saving a lot of manpower and material resources.The installation of solar street lights is even simpler,just a screwdriver and a wrench can be completed,and the later period is basically maintenance-free.

  2.Power consumption

  The work of city circuit lights has to pay high electricity bills,and it is necessary to maintain and replace the lines and other configurations for a long time,and the maintenance cost will increase year by year.LED solar street lights do not have to pay electricity fees at all,and the maintenance cost is also low,which really benefits the people.

solar street lights

  3.Light effect

  Compared with the traditional sodium lamp's 250 watt light source and the solar street light's 60 watts LED light source,the solar street light will have greater intensity and clearer sight.


  due to construction quality,material aging,landscape engineering transformation,leakage,abnormal power supply,conflicts between water and electricity pipelines,etc.,the mains lighting street lights will have many potential safety hazards in the later period.

  LED solar street lights are ultra-low voltage products with stable operation,safety,and higher reliability.