Selection skills of household solar garden lights

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        Solar energy is a green and environmentally friendly new energy source. Now it is widely used in various fields, and the products developed based on solar energy technology are not small, such as solar water heaters, solar computers, and solar garden lights. People use a variety of options in a field, and the advantages of products are also different. Just like in our lighting profession, there are many styles of street lights that can be selected. We also found that in many places in the city, we prefer to use solar garden lights. Why are solar garden lights worth buying?

  The use of solar garden lights is really extensive. In parks, squares, shopping malls, gardens, and residential areas, you can see the equipment of solar garden lights.

  On the selection skills of solar garden lights, the following points are summarized.

solar garden lights

  1: Pay attention to system equipment

  It is very important to ensure the normal and stable operation of solar garden lights. Therefore, we must pay attention to the system equipment status of solar garden lights. Before the solar garden light system is equipped, the peak wattage selection planning of photovoltaic modules and the lithium battery capacity selection planning should be Ample understanding. In addition, in order to ensure that solar garden lights can still operate normally in harsh environments, we need to make wind-proof plans for battery module brackets and light poles before production

  2. Ensure the quality of components

  The quality of components directly affects the quality of solar garden lights. The solar garden light is composed of five parts: solar battery components, LED light source, solar intelligent controller, battery, and light pole.

  3. Ensure the capacity of lithium battery

solar garden lights

  The battery is a key component of the solar garden light system. Its quality is related to the length of time the solar garden light is on, and it also affects the service life of the solar garden light. In recent years, lithium batteries are booming, and they are easy to control. People like the characteristics of pollution. It is not only necessary to ensure the capacity of the lithium battery, but also to ensure its quality. Generally, the warranty period of lithium batteries is 3 years, and it can be used normally for 5-8 years in an environment of -20℃-60℃!

  The solar led courtyard lamp is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. It uses solar energy as a source of electricity through the level of technology, and its stylish shape can meet people's pursuit of different styles.

  By doing the above points in the selection process, the quality of solar garden lights can be ensured, which not only prolongs the service life of solar garden lights but also achieves stable lighting and ensures people's travel safety.