Talking about the role of LED landscape street lights in urban development

Source: SRESKY Views: 23 2020-10-21 14:16:28

        When night falls, in the city, LED landscape street lights that are nowhere to be seen, in addition to playing the role of lighting, also add a beautiful landscape to the urban beautification project, especially in urban gardens, cultural and entertainment squares, and large-scale event venues, LED landscape street lights are not to be ignored.

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  The modern style of LED landscape street light is simple in appearance and strong in function, emphasizing the singleness and abstractness of indoor space form and physical inspection. The modern minimalist style, as the name suggests, is to make all the details look very concise. The simplicity of the decoration makes the space look very simple and atmospheric. There are fewer decorative parts, but in terms of color and layout, it takes a lot of effort to choose and match the decoration materials. This is a realm, which is not designed by ordinary designers. Undoubtedly, the modern and simple decoration style caters to the love of young people. The busy life in the city has already made us tired of spending time and wine and feasting. We prefer a quiet, peaceful, bright, spacious, and comfortable home to eliminate work. Tired, forget the hustle and bustle of the city.

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  The choice of LED landscape street lamps should be more simple and simple, not too luxurious. The development direction of lighting design has two main characteristics: one is subdivided into three categories: lighting, background lighting, and artistic lighting according to functions. The lighting effects of different rooms should be an organic combination of these three types; the second is the intelligent lighting control, Modularization, that is, the control method has been developed from separate switches to centralized remote control, and the best effect can be selected by setting the combined lighting modes of audio-visual, meeting, dining, learning, and sleeping.