Movable Solar Wall Light-SWL-15PL

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       Why many customers choose Sresky solar light? An important reason is every year we have more than 6 new products are launched, Let customers have new products and adapt to market changes. Reduce the impact of market copy products on prices. Although the new crown pneumonia epidemic has had a huge impact worldwide and has also severely affected the foreign trade industry, Sresky still has not stopped research and development and continues to launch new products to bring strong market competitiveness to our customers.

  For the solar wall light, we search the market and found that the products on the market generally have the following status quo:

  1.appearance: Single design, Male mold shell for low-end LED lamps;

  2.Low service life;

  3.No lights on continuous rainy days;

  4.low brightness;

  To solve the above problems, We develop a multifunctional mobile lighting solar wall light-SWL-15 PL

       1.Modern and minimalist appearance, mini design, easy to carry, and Multi-scene Use.

                           outdoor solar light| solar led light |all in one solar light               

  2.Can use as Wall light, Table light, Emergency light, can be applied anywhere you want

                           outdoor solar light| solar led light |all in one solar light

  3.two core technologies

  ALS- Longer lighting time in rainy days more than 7 days;

  TCS - battery protection for high-temperature use;

  4.Fast ODM

  1)Can make battery heating function for short sunlight area or in Winter;

  2)Can make magnet installation.