Reasons and solutions for solar lights to turn on during the day

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Possible reason:

1) The connection line is Abnormal

Solution: The light is on during the day because it is judged that it is at night and the solar panel voltage is not detected. It can detect whether the solar panel junction box has the phenomenon of soldering or desoldering.

Check whether the solar panel line of the product is connected normally,Connected the solar panel line normally

solar lights

2) Lighting mode

Solution: Check whether to choose the right lighting mode(refer to the product manual), Adjust to the correct lighting mode

3) Install additional high power

Solution: Maybe someone doesn't operate according to the user manual, installation of high-power solar panels, or use DC power to charge, resulting in burnout of the PCBA motherboard inside the product.

According to product use regulations, it is not allowed to install high-power solar panels or use DC power to charge without permission

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