Talking about the classification of street lamp light poles

2020-09-07 10:44:18

       As the demand for street lighting becomes more and more prosperous, the market for its supporting products street lamp poles is also growing. But did you know? In fact, there are different classifications of street lamp poles, and the materials used for street lamp poles are also different. Some street light poles are sold overseas, and some gradually withdraw from the market. Let me tell you about this street light pole.

1. Cement street light pole

         Cement street light poles are attached to urban power poles or cement poles are erected separately. Now the market has gradually eliminated this kind of street light poles.

2. Iron street light pole

          The iron street lamp pole also called a high-quality Q235 steel pole. It is made of high-quality Q235 steel, hot-dip galvanized, and sprayed with plastic. It will not rust for 30 years and is very hard. This is the most common and used street light pole in the street light market.

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3. Fiberglass street light pole

         FRP light pole is a kind of inorganic non-metallic material with excellent performance. It has a wide variety of advantages. The advantages are good insulation, strong heat resistance, good corrosion resistance, and high mechanical strength, but the disadvantages are brittleness and poor wear resistance. Therefore, not many are used in the market.

4. Aluminum alloy street light pole

         The aluminum alloy street light pole is made of high-strength aluminum alloy. The manufacturer not only protects the safety of personnel in a humane manner, but also has high strength, does not require any surface treatment, has corrosion resistance for more than 50 years, and is very beautiful. It looks more upscale. Aluminum alloy has better physical and mechanical properties than pure aluminum: easy processing, high durability, wide application range, good decorative effect, rich colors, and so on. Most of the street light poles are exported overseas, especially in developed countries.

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5. Stainless steel street light pole

         Stainless steel poles have the best chemical and electrochemical corrosion resistance in steel, second only to titanium alloys. The method adopted in our country is to carry out hot-dip galvanizing surface treatment, and the life of hot-dip galvanizing products that meet international standards can reach 15 years. Otherwise, it is far from reach. Mostly used in courtyards, communities, parks, and other places. Heat resistance, high-temperature resistance, low-temperature resistance, and even ultra-low temperature resistance.