Split solar street light design for high latitude areas!

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Committed to making the best solar light, we never stop! Our company Sresky have 15 years of experience in the solar light industry, We have done a lot of market research and received a lot of customer feedback, We found that high-latitude regions have relatively little solar radiation throughout the year, long nights in winter, and cold weather.

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  Short lighting time! Short battery life is a pain point faced by many customers!

  How to solve these problems and reduce the maintenance rate of customers, our R&D team has developed a new split solar street light specifically for high latitude areas to resolve all the above problems for you. Sresky first split solar street light will be launched in Sept.Solar Lamp

  Big & High-efficiency Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Panels,Charging Efficiency up to 22%, 360°adjustable solar pannel,adjust the best charging angel, Fast Charging! Keep lighting on for 10 rainy days!

  TCS technology --protect the light and keep working well even in-25℃.

  Professional light distribution Max high efficiency/ High spacing-height ratio.

  Fast ODM dust sweep function, camera function, network function.

  High Brightness-up to 15000Lumens.

outdoor solar light| solar led light |all in one solar light