The charge and discharge comparision report

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(between LifePo4 battery, ordinary 18650 lithium battery and high power 18650 lithium battery at 55°C)

Part 1:Why we SRESKY need to do this test report?

1、Many customers don't know which one they should choose: Life po4 battery solar street light or 18650 lithium battery solar street light?

2、LiFe PO4 battery and high power 18650 lithium battery, which one is more resistant to high temperature?

3、Is Life PO4 battery the best choice for solar street light?

4、Why do we SRESKY choose the high power 18650 lithium battery?

Part 2: Mainly application of different types of lithium batteries:

LifePo4 battery: Electric power tools and toys: Electric drill, chainsaw, lawnmower, a remote control car, boat, airplane, etc ( it need to release huge of the current in a moment).

Ordinary 18650 lithium battery: Storage energy products: Mobile power, mobile phones, security products, and other digital products.

High power 18650 lithium battery: Power products: Electric bicycles, electric cars, golf carts, and other power products.

Part 3:Charge and discharge data of these three kinds of lithium batteries at 55°C

outdoor solar light| solar led light |all in one solar light

outdoor solar light| solar led light |all in one solar light


1、Solar street lights are used in outdoor, so the batteries for solar street light must be able to adapt to different outdoor environments.

2、Under the same test conditions, when the three batteries reduced to 93.5%, the lifePo4 battery was cycled 17 times, the ordinary lithium battery was 29 times, and the power lithium battery was cycled 173 times.

Thus, in a high-temperature environment, the life span of the power lithium battery is more than 5 times the life of lifePo4 battery and ordinary batteries.

outdoor solar light| solar led light |all in one solar light

3、The capacity of LifePo4 is decaying too fast under high-temperature conditions, so it is not suitable to use in the solar street light.

4、Features of high power 18650 lithium battery: ① High-temperature resistance ②Long life span ③More safely