Would you really know how to choose solar lights?

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When you choose solar lights, what do you consider first? How big is the wattage? Is power consumption high? Is the light enough brightness?

These common-sense concepts have influenced everyone's choice of lamps and how to compare the quality of products. But in fact, we have been brought into a misunderstanding: When the wattage is large, the lamp will be bright. In the same wattage, we will compare their prices and want a cheaper price. This is also a confusion of concepts: Wattage ≠ brightness, Whether the light is the brightness or not, depends on the lumens.                                             

 The luminous flux produced when the LED consumes 1W, we called luminous efficacy of light source, unit lm/w. Light efficiency is the most important indicator to measure an LED light source.

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In the same way, the power saving at the same light energy. The greater the luminous flux emitted by the unit of electric power of the light source, the higher the efficiency of electric energy conversion into light energy, the light efficiency will higher.

A very important part of solar LED light product is the LED light source. Its performance directly affects the overall performance of the product. In the LED light source, In addition to power and luminous efficiency, there are many important performance indicators, such as "luminous flux", "color temperature", "color rendering index" and "light decay".