How to choose reliable solar street lights?

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Solar photovoltaic products are the process of converting the sun into electric energy under the action of light, and it is a new energy source developed by high technology. Solar street lights are composed of the following parts: solar panels, batteries, special controllers for solar street lights, led light sources, and light poles. The solar street light is an automatically controlled working system, as long as the working model of the system is set, it will work automatically.

The manufacturer specializing in the production of solar street lights will help you: the purchase of solar street lights, the purchase of a waterproof controller plays a vital part, the quality of the controller directly determines the solar street light’s resistance to rainy days and the stability of the product And the quality is good or bad. Professional waterproof performance controllers have the following conditions:

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1. Prevent the battery from overcharging and over-discharging, and prolong the battery life;

2, to prevent the polarity of solar panels or battery square arrays and batteries from being reversed;

3. Prevent internal short circuits of loads, controllers, inverters and other equipment;

4, with protection against breakdown caused by lightning strikes;

5, with temperature compensation function;

6. Display various working statuses of the photovoltaic power generation system, including battery (group) voltage, load status, battery matrix working status, auxiliary power status, ambient temperature status, fault alarm, etc.