Do solar lights need to be cleaned?

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Do you meet this problem before?

When the solar light is used for 2-3 months, you will find that the charging efficiency of the solar panel decreases. What happens? You will think about that is there some problem with the light?

Maybe you didn't notice that in the natural environment, there is a lot of dust on roads, fallen leaves on trees, the feces of caterpillars, and the feces of birds will accumulate on the solar panels. It will have a great impact on the efficiency of solar panels, so that the lighting time is short, charging for two to three nights a day, but not lighting up in continuous rainy days, especially in Middle Eastern countries, there are heavy dust and sand, this problem will be more serious.

In winter, heavy snow also covers solar panel results in solar panels can’t charging, no power support lighting.

So Cleaning the solar panels regularly is an important job, No accumulation, no dust, so as to ensure that the solar panels work efficiently. When you clean the solar panel, kindly note that due to the material of the solar panel is tempered glass, so do not use hard objects to scratch, and do not use acid and alkali solvents, because the solar frame is metal, and the acid and alkali can easily corrode the frame of the solar panel.

Also, we develop a solar panel self-clean system and solved client problems successfully. Now we adopt this tech in our new series Thermos 2 solar street light--40w/60w/80w/100w/120w. 

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