Traditional AC Street Light& Solar Street Light Comparison and Analysis

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Nowadays, the energy issue is closely watched by our human beings. As a new energy source, solar energy is very widely used in civilian applications,in our life, you can see it many places, such as in the lighting decoration of urban squares, scenic spots parks, residential quarters, colleges, factories, and pedestrian streets,etc. What’s the difference between traditional AC Street Light with Solar Street light ,  We will introduce to you from the following 4 points.

1.0 Electricity bill

Traditinal AC street light has fixed high electricity costs. Usually it requires 250w or 400w led output for mainroad, the annual electricity cost is extremely huge, and the lines and other conponents must been maintained and replaced continuously in a long time. Besides, the maintenance cost increases year by year.

But solar street lights has great advantage in electricity consuption, it's 100% solar supply and free of electricity. Solar street lights is one-time investment, no maintenance cost, and long-term benefits

2.Easy Installation

The traditional AC street light installation and operation procedures is complex---to lay cables, to dig the cable trench, to lay hidden pipes, to thread cable inside the pipe, to backfilling, etc. huge basic infrustruction project. Even transformers is needed to be set sometimes. Meanwhile, there are long-term installation and debugging again and again. the topography and road line are complicated, that result labor and auxiliary materials cost increase.

But the solar light installation is totally easy. No need to lay complicated cables. Only a cement foundation needed, and screw the lamp on the pole.

solar street light


The traditional AC light have potential safety hazards---due to construction quality, landscape engineering renovation, material aging, power supply failure, and conflicts between water and electricity pipelines.

There is no safety hazard in solar street light. solar steet light is DC power with voltage lower than 36V, which will not cause safety problems.

4.Low investment cost

The larger the traditional AC light scale, the higher installation-related cost, the total investment will be higher than solar street light. Besides, the cost of cable wiring and labor are relatively large and cannot be estimated every year.

Solar street light is green energy and environment-friendly, which add new selling points to noble ecological communities development and promotion; sustainably reduce property management cost and reduce house owners' cost on public share. One-time investment, no further maintenance cost. Developer can get long-term benefits.

That’s why nowadays more and more people choose to use solar light, no matter in the industry or in your house.

Solar light , as a green energy, bring you and our world more brightness .