Regular maintenance and maintenance methods of modern LED solar garden lights

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1. Maintenance and maintenance of solar garden light source

Solar garden light sources use energy-saving lamps or LED corn lamps, LED bulb lamps, and other light sources, which are directly installed inside the lamps. If the light source becomes dark or not bright, we need to replace it immediately. This can protect one side of the circuit from a short circuit or leakage. danger.

solar garden lights

2, the maintenance and maintenance of the internal circuit of the solar garden light

Since the multi-head solar garden lights have more branch lines, the internal joints are also more complicated. Secondly, the lamp holder is an E27 ceramic lamp holder, and there are wires inside the lamp body. These wire connectors will also age or become loose after a long time. Regular inspection and maintenance can be found early to re-bandage, which can effectively protect the service life of the circuit.

solar garden lights

3. The appearance and maintenance of solar garden lights

The appearance of modern led solar garden lights is ex-factory through the electrostatic spraying process. If there is pattern embellishment, the whole is sprayed and then painted by hand. Therefore, a lot of dust will fall on the surface of garden lights after long-term exposure, plus wind and sun. Then the surface is more prone to aging and fading, so we can wipe and clean the surface regularly to maintain the color of the surface for a longer time.