What are the reasons that affect the wholesale price of solar street lights?

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Solar street lights are the main part of poverty alleviation projects. At present, almost all poverty alleviation projects in inland China are carried out in mountainous areas. Solar street lights can solve many problems in people’s lives; some remote mountainous areas in the country have normal power and lighting problems. Because remote mountain areas are far away from urban power supply points, and rural solar street lights use daytime lighting to convert light energy to use power and store it in the battery and then wait until the night to release the power for lighting. So what is the wholesale price of solar street lights? This should also be based on the configuration of solar mountain street lights.

Generally, it is recommended to use 5 watts or 6 meters 30-watt solar street lights for rural solar street lights, but each customer’s needs are different. It is impossible to judge the wholesale price of solar street lights due to the height and thickness of the pole, the power of the lamp post, and solar energy. The size of the battery panel, the battery, and the most important lighting time will determine the price of the solar lamp post.

In fact, for the purchase of solar street lights, because of the different system configurations, manufacturers cannot provide users with a unified wholesale price of solar street lights.

solar street light

solar street light

1. Due to configuration reasons, the price is different

During the installation of solar street lights, due to the influence of weather and environmental factors on the installation area, the configuration of the public lighting system is different in different areas.

Due to the high configuration of some street lamp systems and the low configuration of some street lamps, it is difficult for manufacturers to provide a uniform price. Therefore, the general manufacturers of solar street lamps will give a general quotation for the system and cannot accurately give the quotation for the entire street lamp.

2. Different prices caused by production technology

For different manufacturers of solar street lights, due to the difference in production technology, the quotations of street lighting systems are also based on solar street lights.

Although there is little difference in the production price of street lamps from different manufacturers, different production technologies will result in different street lamp quality. Therefore, when purchasing solar street lights, it is best to go to the factory for on-site inspection to ensure the quality of the street lights.

solar street light

solar street light

Finally, in order to ensure the purchase price of solar street lights, when setting up the street light system, you only need to inform the manufacturer of the solar street light of some detailed parameters, so that street lighting installation can be realized while ensuring the quality.

The wholesale price of some solar street lights is lower than the market price, which usually confuses consumers and affects their speed of choice. When customers actually choose and install these low-cost solar street lights, they will find that the expected results cannot be achieved. It is recommended that everyone choose products from regular solar street light manufacturers.