How to use an ultraviolet germicidal lamp?

2020-07-14 10:59:19

Ultraviolet sterilization lamps are widely used in operating rooms of hospitals and spaces with high requirements on the environment and the control of bacterial density. Ultraviolet sterilization lamps are also installed in the bathrooms of some homes. Generally, such humid places will be germs. The breeding area is high, so it will be more or less applied to ultraviolet germicidal lamps, but one thing is that everyone understands that ultraviolet germicidal lamps can not only sterilize but also harm the human body, mainly due to the excessive exposure of ultraviolet rays to the human body influences. In fact, as long as you master the disinfection time of the UV germicidal lamp and the correct use method, you can avoid its negative effects. The ultraviolet sterilization lamp has a spectral line of 254nm. The 254nm ultraviolet sterilization lamp kills bacteria by irradiating the DNA of microorganisms. The use of ultraviolet sterilization lamp and the range of radiation of the ultraviolet sterilization lamp, the distance the ultraviolet sterilization lamp hangs, and the ultraviolet sterilization in the ultraviolet sterilization lamp The cleaning of the lamp tube is related to cleaning and the like.

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01 The problem of the spatial range of ultraviolet sterilization lamps:

Many UV germicidal lamps use the unit to ignore the effective spatial range of UV irradiation, and only consider and calculate the plane area of the irradiation. In addition to the area factor, each disinfected space has a high or low height, and the total spatial range is large. Small, the use of sterilization lamps should calculate the total space cube using corresponding power ultraviolet sterilization lamp, the effective sterilization space range of a 30w ultraviolet sterilization lamp should be less than 30 cubic meters, it is generally believed that the power of ultraviolet sterilization lamp per cubic meter of space It should be greater than 1-1.5w, and should be noticed in use.

02 The hanging distance of ultraviolet sterilization lamp:

The use of ultraviolet sterilization lamp should pay attention to the irradiation distance between the object to be sterilized and the ultraviolet sterilization lamp, that is, the suspension height of the ultraviolet sterilization lamp should be less than 2.5 meters, and the suspension height of some units using ultraviolet sterilization lamp is greater than 2.5 meters, even more than 3, 4 meters. Yes. The intensity of ultraviolet radiation is almost inversely proportional to the irradiation distance. If the suspension is too high, it will inevitably affect the sterilization effect.

03 The problem of ultraviolet radiation intensity decline:

With the prolonged use of ultraviolet sterilization lamps, the radiation intensity will gradually decline. After multiple measurements, generally good domestic ultraviolet sterilization lamps are used after 5000 hours, and the ultraviolet sterilization lamps need to be replaced. Foreign imported ultraviolet sterilization lamps.

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04 The application should also pay attention to the cleaning and cleaning of ultraviolet sterilization lamps:

When using a new ultraviolet sterilization lamp, you can first wipe the lamp with 95% alcohol gauze to remove the pollution of the lamp with dust and oil stains. During use, wipe it regularly, (once a week) to do the cleaning work of the ultraviolet lamp, So as not to affect the purple transmission rate and radiation intensity.

Finally, when using ultraviolet germicidal lamps, attention should also be paid to the prevention of ultraviolet radiation: mainly to prevent ultraviolet radiation damage to the eyes and face, especially the radiation damage to the conjunctiva. After the face is damaged by radiation, the eyes are red and swollen, and tears. Tingling is more serious than electro-optical eye damage. It will recover after three or four days. (In case the conjunctiva is damaged by ultraviolet radiation, human breast drops can be used, once every half an hour, three to four times for better results.) Prevention method: to avoid emphasizing the light source mainly, when reviewing the radiation intensity monitoring of the ultraviolet sterilization lamp, Use special radiation intensity or sunglasses as protective masks, protective glasses, but do not use quartz glass as the protective equipment made of raw materials, because the quartz glass's ultraviolet transmission rate of ultraviolet is more than 80%, while ordinary glass has almost Impermeable, can effectively prevent ultraviolet radiation damage.