The structure of UV solar sterilizer

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The structure of UV solar sterilizers UV lamps are mostly used together with UV sterilizers. They are placed in UV sterilizers for sterilization. The UV solar disinfection law has many advantages such as no increase in the smell and smell of water, no addition of chemicals, no toxic and harmful by-products, fast disinfection, high efficiency, simple equipment operation, easy operation and management, and automation. It has gradually been widely used. There are two main types of common structures.

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1. Closed system. The sterilized water is sealed with a metal cylinder and a UV solar disinfection lamp with a quartz sleeve. The cylinder is usually made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy, and the inner wall is mostly polished to improve the ability to reflect ultraviolet rays and enhance the radiation intensity. The number of UV lamps can be adjusted according to the amount of treated water. The attached microorganisms are completely exposed to ultraviolet radiation, which improves disinfection efficiency.

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2. Open system. Put the UV solar disinfection lamp with a concentric quartz tube into the water, and the water flows around the quartz tube. When the UV tube (group) needs to be replaced, use a lifting device to raise it to the working surface for operation. The structure of this method is relatively complicated, but the utilization rate of ultraviolet radiation energy is high, the sterilization effect is good, and it is easy to maintain. In a system with low automation requirements