LED solar landscape lights lead the construction of urban modernization

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Looking around the modern cities at home and abroad today, many iconic landscapes, lighting projects, and lighting night scenes use LED solar landscape lights and other energy-saving and environmentally-friendly lamps and lanterns. LED solar landscape lights are mainly used in urban landscape buildings, structures, square parks, etc. The landscape lighting effect and artistic taste are being improved from time to time.


The LED solar landscape lights flashing in the city, with the humane and intelligent brilliance, lead the city to modern and brilliant transformation. As people continue to pay attention to energy conservation and environmental protection, we have reason to believe that green high-tech LED solar landscape lights will be used more in the future, becoming an indispensable element in urban fantasy development and defining urban appearance.

 LED solar landscape lights

Information and lighting are the finishing touches of LED solar landscape lighting project:


Informatization and lightening Selectively decorate some iconic buildings, transform the frontage of the building into a giant LED display screen, and display text, images, animations, videos, etc. It shows various subtle dynamics and integrates unique design, which can vividly display the government's administrative concepts, principles, and policies. It has strong timeliness and influence. It is a complete separation of high-tech technology and information publicity.


The lighting of the square park is integrated with the topography of the square park for lighting design to construct a rich night space level; in city streets or green spaces, the light-emitting parts are designed into various structures such as loops and bands, which partially illuminate the lawn. At the same time become a decorative element in the daytime environment. LED solar landscape lights to use lawn light sources, solar landscape lights, bulbs and other LED light sources with different appearances and different functions, which can be combined into colorful lighting phantoms. This "multi-color, multi-spot, multi-pattern" change greatly enhances the dynamic index of the square park night scene.

 LED solar landscape lights

For the lighting of buildings and structures, it mainly uses an LED spotlight, LED line light, LED exterior lights, LED special-shaped lights, etc., which reflects the modern atmosphere and forms a bright night scene line. With their good weather resistance, extremely low light decay, and variable colors during their lifetime, they constitute a changing lighting effect, which has been used in the contour lighting of urban buildings, building decoration, and bridge lighting. LED solar landscape light takes the outline light of a building as an example. It uses the combination principle of the red, green and blue LED light source, and can be changed in different forms under the control of a microprocessor, such as water ripple continuous color change, timing Discoloration, abrupt changes, transients, etc., make up the graceful appearance of high-rise buildings at night.