Have you done the waterproof treatment of solar garden lights?

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Solar energy, as a new energy source, meets the requirements of the current environmentally-friendly life, and the popularity of solar garden lights meets the lighting needs of all areas. However, in the actual use of many solar garden lights, some cannot meet normal lighting, especially rainy days, mainly because some irresponsible manufacturers use related components of insufficient quality to reduce costs, and do not design according to demand. The use standard of the battery board and accumulator is reduced, so the controller will enter the water.

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However, what should we do when faced with such a situation?

In order to improve the waterproof treatment of the solar garden light controller, a small method is proposed: the lamp controller is mostly installed in the lampshade and the battery box and generally does not enter the water, but there will be some in the actual case project, such as improper installation or The circuit board of the controller is not treated with three anti-paints, which causes rainwater to flow into the solar street light controller along with the external wiring of the terminal of the controller, which causes a short circuit. Therefore, we should pay attention to The internal connection wires of the controller's terminals are bent into a "U" shape and fixed, and the externally exposed connection wires should also be fixed in a "U" shape to ensure that the controller will not be short-circuited due to rain. , Or apply waterproof glue at the interface of the internal and external lines to waterproof.

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The good waterproof performance of the solar controller can ensure the normal lighting work of the solar garden lights, and avoid hidden safety hazards caused by short circuits caused by water ingress.