How to maintain solar street lights in summer

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The hot summer with thunderstorms has already arrived. Summer is generally the peak period for repairs from all walks of life. The overload of electricity and the natural damage of thunderstorms can cause street light problems. Therefore, in the streetlight industry, summer maintenance must be done before daring to guarantee solar street lights. Normal operation

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Although the solar street light system has passed strict quality inspection before leaving the factory, the long-term operation will inevitably lead to some unexpected conditions. Temperature changes, climate effects, and artificial damage will also cause the failure rate to increase.

So, what factors are often affected by solar street lights in the hot summer? How should it be maintained? Xiaobian explained to you in detail:

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Most parts of our country belong to the subtropical monsoon climate, and there is often convective weather in summer, and rain, thunderstorms, and hurricanes often occur. The street lamps with high heights and relatively thin bases are really no small challenges. Solar street lamp battery panels are loose, the lamp head is dropped, and the lamp pole is skewed. This not only affects normal lighting operations but also poses great security risks to pedestrians and vehicles in densely populated areas.

As the saying goes, take precautions beforehand. The safety performance inspection and maintenance of solar street lamps should be completed in advance, so as to prevent the above situation. Check the overall condition of the solar street lamp to see if there is any looseness in the battery board and the lamp head, whether the street lamp is skewed, and whether the bolts are loose. If there is the above situation, it should be eliminated in time to prevent accidents.