Common knowledge of installing light poles and LED lights for solar street lights

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Solar street lights can generally be installed directly on the wall or on the pole, and the most practical is still equipped with a pole, and the height of the pole is generally selected according to the width of the road, choose the same as the road width or slightly larger than the road width Street lamp pole height. Generally, single-lane rural roads choose 3-4 meters of light poles, double-lane rural roads choose 5-7 meters of light poles, four-lane roads or traffic trunk roads choose 8-12 meters of light poles, and courtyard or other scene lighting is selected according to the lighting range.
solar street light
Solar street lights should determine the street lamp wattage according to the purpose of the street lamp, the height of the pole, and the lumen value of the LED street lamp. Generally, roads and scenes with fewer pedestrians can choose LED lamp heads with slightly lower wattage, and roads and scenes with more pedestrian traffic can choose LED lamp holders with slightly higher wattage. The higher the pole, the higher the wattage of the LED lamp head. For example, the 3-4 meter pole is recommended to choose 15-20 watts, and the 8-12 meter pole is recommended to choose 50-100 watt LED lamp heads.
solar street light
The solar panel should face the direction with the most sunshine and sunshine. It should be noted that the direction of the solar panel can be adjusted appropriately according to the occlusion of buildings or trees, generally within 20 degrees to the west or east.