Why not install solar street lights on the expressway

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I believe that many partners should have the same experience. At night, when the car is driving on the highway, it can only see the dark black surroundings. Except for the car headlights and road reflective signs, it can hardly see other lights. Insecure. Why are there no solar street lights on the highway? Is it safer to have solar street lights?

solar street lights

In fact, generally speaking, except for important bridge decks and tunnels, highways do not install solar street lights.will analyze and analyze why the highway is not equipped with solar street lights.

Higher expressway safety factor

Have you seen that pedestrians and non-motorized vehicles come and go as they do on city streets during the night? No! Because highways do not allow pedestrians and non-motorized vehicles, motorcycles, tractors, and tricycles are not allowed, and 80 on 15 seconds. Code cars are not allowed.
The installation of solar street lights is not for the safety and convenience of vehicles, but for the safety and convenience of non-motor vehicles and pedestrians. The service functions of highways and urban roads are different. Urban roads not only have vehicles but also have non-motor vehicles and dense pedestrians, so there are street lights; highways are roads outside the urban area that connect cities and cities and between cities and villages. Motor cars and pedestrians. Therefore, general highways are not equipped with solar street lights.
In addition, the highway pavement is very flat, there are no obvious pits, the road condition is maintained better, and the safety factor is higher.

Road reflective signs meet demand
Is it safer and more convenient for drivers to install solar street lights on highways? The answer is no.

Solar street lighting is discontinuous and uneven. For drivers of high-speed vehicles, this light-dark alternation can cause visual errors and is very dangerous. In addition, it can quickly cause eye strain. Moreover, the illumination of street lamps is poor, and the scattered light will dazzle the driver during long-distance driving, causing driving safety risks.

solar street lights

There is no solar street light, what should the driver do on the highway at night?
When the outside lighting is insufficient, the vehicle headlights can provide drivers with safer lighting. Because there is no barrier to the opposite car, you can drive with the high beam at night. This is why some drivers like to turn on the headlights even when driving on brightly lit city streets.

Vehicles driving at night, perfect road signs, and reflective signs fully meet the needs. At night, under the strong illumination of the car's headlights, the reflective film on the traffic sign will directionally reflect the light, illuminate the road, and can clearly reflect various traffic signs into the driver's eyes, enough to complete the direction guidance function.