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The use of solar power for lighting can protect the environment, save resources, and reduce electricity bills. Solar outdoor lighting converts solar energy into electrical energy through solar panels for lighting. So do not need wiring, are easy to install. And that has a longer service life, are green and environmentally friendly, and do not need to maintain the circuit. Because Myanmar has abundant solar energy resources, solar lighting is the best lighting solution

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solar street light

Myanmar solar street lights

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Solar garden light

Application advantages of solar lights in Myanmar

According to statistics, the total electricity consumption in Myanmar is growing at a rate of 15% per year. At present, most of the country’s electricity consumption in Myanmar comes from hydroelectric power stations. For a country with a hot and dry climate, the dry season has little rain for 6-7 months. Dry rivers cause hydropower stations to store a large amount of water for dry season power generation. In hot weather conditions, electricity consumption reaches a peak, so there will be insufficient capacity.

The PV power station can perfectly supplement the problem of inadequate hydropower during the dry season. Combined with micro-grid/off-grid projects, it can cover more industrial, commercial and home rooftop end users.

solar street light

Most areas of Myanmar are with abundant solar radiation and the potential to apply solar energy. The Myanmar Government’s 2018-2030 Sustainable Development Plan was promulgated by the Myanmar government in 2018. It is necessary to focus on the development of renewable energy represented by solar energy. The use of solar energy is the most cost-effective and reliable energy resource in Myanmar.

Myanmar is relatively rich in solar energy.  The technically feasible PV power generation capacity can reach 51,973.8 TWh/year, and the installed capacity can reach 35GWp.

Myanmar has a tropical monsoon climate with no low temperature. There are occasional extreme high temperatures in March and April, and the highest temperature in many places can exceed 40°C. Myanmar gets plenty of rain, mainly in June, July and August, followed by May, September and October. Rainfall from May to October accounts for 90% to 95% of annual rainfall. According to Myanmar’s natural conditions, you can choose solar lamps with high-temperature resistance, water-resistance and erosion resistance.


Sresky’s solar lamps have a waterproof rating of IP65 and are corrosion resistant. Besides Sresky’s products have three core technologies, namely ALS technology, TCS technology, FAS technology.

ALS can automatically extend the lighting time, allowing solar lights to work as usual for 8-10 days on rainy days. And when the battery power (>30%) drops, the brightness can still maintain 100%.

TCS can protect the battery so that the solar light can work as usual at the temperature of -20℃-60℃.

FAS can provide timely feedback on the problems of solar lights and solve them efficiently.

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Sresky’s products also have many different types, such as solar street lamps with automatic cleaning, solar led lights with PIR motion sensors, and solar power led street lights with remote control. If you are interested, please click to learn more.

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