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Advantages of solar lights in Mexico

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The Mexican Ministry of Energy proposed that renewable energy should account for the total power generation for 25% in 2018, 30% in 2021, 30% in 2024, 45% in 2036, and 60% in 2050. Mexico is expected to become the world’s seventh-largest solar Pv market in 2021.

The Mexican government disable incandescent lights and use LED lights. Compared with traditional lamps, LED lamps are more saving energy, environmentally friendly, and have a longer service life. Most of the country’s terrain is a plateau and mountainous areas, and electricity in rural areas is inconvenient and costly.

In addition, Mexico is located in a subtropical area of 16-30 ℃ north latitude, with considerable solar radiation. More than 70% of the territory’s annual solar radiation exceeds 7200MJ/㎡, which has natural conditions for the use of solar energy. Solar lights use new energy solar energy while choosing energy-saving and low-carbon LED lighting. LED solar lights are environmentally friendly, easy to install and long service life. Also have low maintenance costs, and are safe.

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Mexico has many plateaus and mountains. The northwest inland has a continental climate; the coastal and southeastern plains have a tropical climate. Most areas are divided into dry and rainy seasons throughout the year. The dry season is from October to April of the following year, and the rainy season is from May to September. Mexico is known as the “Pearl of the Plateau”, because it is mostly plateau terrain, with no severe cold in winter, no scorching heat in summer, and evergreen trees in all seasons. The product does not need special protection.

When installing solar lights in mountainous, should attend to the stability of the rock formations, the angle of the solar panels and cannot be blocked by mountains or trees. When buying solar lamps, you can choose solar lamps with good waterproof performance and adjustable solar panels.

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Sresky‘s solar light fixture with a waterproof rating of IP65 and ALS automatic lighting time extension technology, which can ensure that the solar lamp works as usual for 8-10 days in rainy weather. When the battery power drops (battery power> 30%), the brightness can still maintain 100%. When buying solar street lamps, if there is a problem with the product quality, the after-sales that cannot be solved in time is always annoying. So a perfect after-sales service system is very important.

Sresky’s solar power led street lights to have a higher cost performance, high quality, a longer warranty period and a more complete after-sales system. And have FAS technology, which can solve your after-sale problems in time and no longer make you wait for a long time.

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If you have questions about solar outdoor lighting, please contact us.

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