Solar street light in Italy and garden wall light, best price solar lamps.


Application of solar garden wall light and solar street light in Italy

Italy is a member of the European Union and implements some of the EU’s policies, such as lighting standards and emission reduction plans. Italy has a superior location and abundant sunlight resources. Its geothermal, hydropower and solar power generation are among the top ten in the world.

In 2010, the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport issued the 2010-2020 “Infrastructure Strategic Plan”. The planned project involves 233 billion euros, and the government has invested 130 billion euros. Among them, 36% was invested in infrastructure construction in the south, accounting for 36% of the total investment. The plan involves infrastructure construction, such as airports, ports, inland ports, highways, railways, and power grids.

Solar street light

solar street light in Italy

Solar garden light

Solar wall light

Advantages of solar lights in Italy

The annual average solar radiation in Po River Plain in Italy is 3.6kW/m², Central-Southern Italy is 4.7 kW/m², and Sicily is 5.4 kW/m². Italian Pv power generation has already met 5% of electricity in Italy. Demand and peak demand of more than 10%. It shows that Italy has abundant sunlight resources and is suitable for the use of solar energy products.

Italy has a strong cultural heritage. The capital of Rome is the largest city. Milan is the economic engine of Italy and the capital of the world. Turin is the third-largest city in Italy and the industrial centre of Italy. The construction of a city is can’t do without from lighting and night lighting is also a product of economic development. The existence of light makes human life more convenient and the night becomes more colourful.

However, the convenience of night lighting also consumes a lot of energy and brings light pollution. Solar energy is green and renewable. Solar outdoor lighting uses low-carbon LED lighting while using new energy solar energy. It is safe and stable and environmentally friendly, to help restore the ecology at night and make the night “dark”.

Generally speaking, the climate is relatively mild. The coldest winter can reach sub-zero. However, except for the Alps, there are few conditions below -10°C. In terms of rainfall, summer is dry and winter rain is more (December-February).you can choose solar lights with better cold protection and water resistance.

Sresky’s product has a waterproof rating of IP65 and has ALS automatic extension of lighting time technology , which can ensure that the solar lights work as usual for 8-10 days in rainy weather. When the battery power drops (battery power> 30%), the brightness can still maintain 100%.

In addition, Sresky’s solar power led street light shave TCS thermostat technology, which can make the solar light work as usual at a temperature of -20℃-60℃. FAS technology can solve your after-sale problems in time without waiting for a long time.




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solar light

Sresky also has many different types of products. The appearance is unique and patented, taking into account lighting and decoration, and dark sky(0 light pollution to the city). And also has many different types of products. Such as solar street lamps and solar garden wall lights that can be remotely controlled, and solar lights with PIR lighting mode that can smart energy saving.

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