How to repair solar garden lights?

solar garden lights

Tips for repairing solar powered garden lights

After using the outdoor solar garden lights for a long time, there may be problems that cause the lights to stop working, so can you repair the solar garden lights?

Following using the out-of-doors solar garden equipment and lighting for a long time, there may be conditions that cause the lights to stop working, you can too repair the garden solar energy lights?

First, validate whether the solar energy garden light is really broken. How to test daylight solar garden lights?  Evaluation run by covering solar panels. An essential feature of solar energy lights is that they only light up at night. So if you wish to test your equipment and lighting during the day (to see if they are working) you should cover the solar systems with your hands or black textile. If your solar energy garden lights are not working, you can:

solar garden lights

1. Check the position of the solar garden light. The solar cell needs to be confronted where the sunshine is to become a good impose, so adapt the positioning of the solar cell to ensure efficient charging. At times the lights stop working because the plants are growing so fast that they prohibit the sunlight the solar garden light systems need. So promptly prune any overgrown plants, or simply move the lights so their solar panels receive plenty of direct sunlight.


2. Clean the solar panel. The dust falling from the solar panel will cause the charging efficiency of the solar panel to decrease. So clean up the solar panels in time. Don’t forget to check if the lampshade is dirty or twisted.

3. Check the LEDs. If the LED is damaged, consider removing it and replacing it with a similar LED.


4. Examine the battery. If you’ve cleaned and eliminated all obvious problems and the solar light still doesn’t work, the light can be taken apart. how to take apart a solar garden light? Most solar garden lights are held together with edge mount screws. Use a tool to remove the screws. Electric batteries are usually concealed beneath solar screen assemblies.

If your device has rechargeable electric batteries, remove those electric batteries as well. If they happen to be soldered in place, drop them off in place. Use a little screwdriver to distribute out the area and check elaborate working inside. In some cases, there may only be one AA electric battery inside. Replacement solar cells for garden lights with batteries of the same type.


5. Check for water ingress. Solar garden lights are placed outdoors, and the lamp body may sometimes get water. Therefore, when choosing solar garden lights, you should choose a higher protection (IP) level, and IP65 can be effectively protected. If water is causing the light to malfunction, you can remove any covers that may be storing moisture, and place the light in a fume hood for a few days to dry. Put it back in place, make sure the battery is positioned correctly, and let the light charge for a few days before continuing to use it.


6. Examine the circuit for damage. Disassemble the solar garden light to check the circuit. This could be a broken wire, corrosion, or lost components. If you can, try replacement parts for solar garden lights. In case you don’t have a soldering metal to solder the wires, use cable cutters to remove the insulation from the wires. Then, twist the bare ends with each other.

If that doesn’t exercise, you can contact the manufacturer to replace your light.

Solar Garden Light Repair video

How to make solar led garden lights

Solar garden lights look very small, do you want to make your own individual solar powered garden lights yourself?

Make solar garden lights video:

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