How does the PIR Sensor work and what are the benefits?

The working principle of the PIR motion sensor


How does the PIR Sensor work?

The human body induction switch is also called a pyrolysis human body induction switch or infrared intelligent switch. The infrared induction element is a pyroelectric material. When the intensity of the infrared radiation it receives from the human body changes, it loses its charge balance and begins to release current.

When a person enters the sensing range, the special sensor detects the change of the infrared spectrum of the human body and automatically turns on the load. People do not leave the sensing range, it will continue to connect. After the person leaves, the delay automatically turns off the load.

Human body induction switches are often used in many general public living places such as stairs, walkways, toilets, elevators, etc.

Advantages of the solar street light controller with PIR motion sensor

1. PIR human body induction solar lights are responsive, energy-saving and environmentally friendly. When night falls, the light dims and turns on automatically when it detects that someone is moving within the sensing range. If the person continues to move within its range, the LED human body sensor light will be always on. When the human body leaves or stops moving, it will turn off after a delay. No manual switch is required in this process, which is more environmentally friendly and noise-free. It does not emit any type of radiation itself and is very environmentally friendly.

2. PIR human body induction solar lights are more efficient and energy-saving, with long life and stable performance. Because its lamps will automatically turn off after people leave, it can be more energy-efficient. And the power consumption of the device is very small and the service life is longer.

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