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Application advantages of solar lights in Germany

Germany is the most developed country in terms of economy and industry in Europe. The German government and the nuclear energy industry agreed in 2000 that all nuclear power plants will be retired by 2021. And plans to increase the proportion of renewable energy used for power generation in the country to 40% by 2020. With the continuous reduction of global non-renewable resources, the use of renewable energy will be one of the development directions of Germany in the future.

Part of the outdoor lighting currently on the German market is high-pressure sodium lamps and metal halide lamps. High-pressure sodium lamps start slowly, consume a lot of power, have high temperature, and have high headlight noise. Metal halide lamps have a short life, high power consumption, slow start-up, and large power fluctuations with voltage. The LED has long life, power saving, fast start-up, no flicker. And will completely replace high-pressure sodium lamps and metal halide lamps in the future.

As an environmentally friendly renewable energy source, solar energy will be a very significant part of human life in the future. According to reports in 2017, German infrastructure is outdated. Currently, the German government is working hard to complete infrastructure construction in towns, cities and rural areas, build roads, and repair school buildings.

Lighting engineering is a very important part of infrastructure construction, such as the use of street lamps and landscape lights. In this enormous and energy-consuming project, it is very suitable to choose solar lamps. Solar lamps do not need wiring, and the installation is very convenient and very safe. And solar lights use solar energy to generate electricity, no pollution, and environmental protection.

There are two main climates in Germany. One is a temperate maritime climate, this climate is distributed in the northwest of Germany. The distribution of rainfall is relatively even. It is distributed throughout the year, but the rainfall in winter is the largest. The temperature in this area is pleasant, with mild winters and relatively few extreme high temperatures in summer. In the east and south of Germany, the climate type is a temperate continental climate, with distinct four seasons of the year. The rain is the most in summer, and the other seasons are dry and less rainy. This area is relatively cold in winter and can reach below zero.

According to the German climate, cold resistance and water resistance should be paid attention to when choosing solar lamps. The waterproof rating of Sresky’s products is IP65, which can prevent solar lights from malfunctioning on rainy days. In addition, Sresky’s products have TCS constant temperature technology and ALS automatic lighting time extension technology. TCS can make solar lamps work as usual at -20℃-60℃, and ALS can extend the lighting of solar lights by 8-10 days on rainy and cloudy days




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