How to fabricate the controller solar street light with the post?

Components of solar street lights

Solar energy is one sustainable power source that makes use of sun PV modules to transform direct sunlight into energy. The solar energy device is the cleanest and also reliable resource. That has a wide range of applications such as home, industry, horticulture, livestock, etc.

The solar battery( s) or solar power( s)– turns solar energy into electrical energy.

Solar charge controller- manages the electric fee going out of the PV component as well as entering into the electric battery.

Solar Inverter– transforms the solar power’s changeable direct present (DC) to regularity rotating present (AIR CONDITIONER).

Electric battery– Retail stores power energy for use in the evening or reduced background places.

LED– Resource of lighting.

Cords and Pole– connection and also assistance, respectively

DIY solar led garden landscape lighting Material preparation:

solar street light

The light pole is an all-steel structure, hot-dip galvanized/sprayed as a whole

Solar cell module: crystalline silicon 15-80WP (configured by load)

Controller: dedicated controller for solar lamps, light control + time control, intelligent control (the light turns on when it is dark, and the light turns off when it is bright)

Energy storage battery: fully enclosed maintenance-free lead-acid battery 12V17Ah—80Ah (according to load configuration)

Light source type: energy-saving high-power integrated LED, rare earth high-efficiency energy-saving lamps (can be configured according to customer requirements)

Light pole height: 2 meters to 4 meters (can be made according to customer requirements)

Build your own solar street garden light video:

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